Sunday, 31 July 2011

Snog, Marry, Avoid at all Costs

Ironing - my least favourite household chore ever!  Now I know some of you get out of it altogether by buying non crease clothing or doing some sort of magic wrinkle-smoothing when hanging things out to dry.  But it  just doesn't work for me.  I still end up with a pile of stuff to plough through each week.

But I have worked out a couple of ways to make this task a bit more bearable.  Firstly, I sit down on the edge of the bed whilst doing it.   Less energy is expended throughout and at the end of the job, clothes can be put away into nearby wardrobes and don't have to be lugged half way around the house.

And I now watch programmes on the i-Player whilst trawling through the laundry basket.  Not the usual stuff that I constitutes family viewing in the Lovelygrey Family.  No, I try things that would be pooh-poohed by the boys as girly nonsense.   All of 'Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' was there at Channel 4 for my viewing pleasure and a very interesting cultural revelation it was too. I've also trawled through many back episodes of 'Flog It' ,featuring  Paul Martin, that soft spoken sex symbol of the granny world.   This habit has made a once onerous job quite pleasant and I now actually  look forward to sitting down to a dose of personally chosen entertainment.

But I've decided that  'Snog Marry Avoid'  is just too light and flimsy even for my undemanding taste in ironing TV to tolerate.  In case you haven't watched it, I'll summarise the show.  Two women who  dress in weird 'barely there' clothing with lots of slap are made to look elegant and chic.   Blokes in the street vote whether they'd, you've guessed it, snog, marry or avoid them before and after the makeover process.   The women are  then visited again by the production team a  couple of weeks later and guess what?  Invariably it seems that they've returned to their former look as they feel that this better reflects their personality.   All this, is interspersed by beauty tips, of  which this was my personal favourite.

Don't use white sheets as they will get stained by your fake tan.

Enough said.  I'll be returning  to back episodes of 'Bargain Hunt' for  next week's viewing!


  1. I hate ironing - I do the minimum possible!!

  2. And I'm not sure I know where my iron is.