Thursday, 14 July 2011

Stinky Fish

This picture will do  as the main illustration for today's post!  It's from Pike Place Market in Seattle, my favourite US city by far.  Another destination might supercede it at some time but  I'll have to wait for a grand American road trip to find out!

Now fishmongers fawn over Louis.  Not for the usual reason that he is cute and chatty  but because he heartily expresses his love of  fish to them and asks me to buy new stuff to try.  Okay, like any kid, give him chicken nuggets and he'll be happy.  But salmon, cod, mackerel, prawns and shellfish are all up there among the things that he loves to eat.  So we're happy to oblige and prepare it for him.

But there's a problem with cooking fish at home.  The smell permeates the house for hours after the process is done and dusted and the fish is safely in our tummies.  But we've come up with a cheap and simple solution that allows us to enjoy tasty healthy treats like this wild salmon without the pongy downside.  All our seafood cooking now takes place in the garage on a Sunngas single  burner which cost a tenner, runs on cheap gas canisters and now has double life as my camping stove too.  Simples!


  1. I'm impressed with your HUGE pieces of salmon. My one piece is so tiddly, and shrinks further under the grill. I haven't noticed any unsavoury smell from them though.

  2. That's a neat piece of kit (as they say), what shape are the gas cartridges? I feel the need for salmon now...

  3. Hi Meanqueen - we're not so greedy. There's four pieces of salmon here - one each for us and the fourth to flake and make a lunchtime salad for two. Toffee apple - the gas cylinders look like an aerosol can - think furniture polish. They cost less than a fiver for four canister and each last about an hour.