Saturday, 30 July 2011

Tat Among the Pigeons

It was a monumental day for me yesterday.  I gave up trying to be super organised and did nothing on my myriad of 'To Do' lists.  Yes, that's right, a big fat wobbly zero.   I didn't phone the dentist, dust the living room or go for a walk  Not only did I not tick anything off as completed,  I feel absolutely great about it!   After just over two weeks of being signed off with depression, perhaps I've hit on something that can help me restore some balance into my life.  Perhaps I need to chill a bit more and relinquish some of that obsessive sense of needing to hyper manage my time. 

So, what did I do instead?  Well, after dropping Louis off at holiday club,  which I'd thankfully booked before going off sick,  I settled down with a nice cup of tea and YouTube to watch all three parts of  the episode of Rab C Nesbitt where he and Jamesie leave Glasgow and come on pilgrimage to these parts where their favourite tipple is brewed.  Thanks so much  Dan at frogsdogs&ferns  for reminding me about how much I loved this show when commenting on  one of my posts about Buckfast Abbey.  I need laughter therapy at the moment and this worked an absolute treat!  In case anyone from foreign climes decides to give this vintage British comedy programme a go, let me reassure you that us Southerners don't understand half of what anyone with a  thick Glaswegian accents says either.  A Scottish holidaymaker had to repeat himself three times before I got the gist of what he was trying to convey.  He'd thought I'd left my car lights on but it was merely the Fiesta showing off one of its clever electronic tricks when I locked the door.

Chortling must have sapped my energy and the fatigue set in.  At only ten in the morning for goodness sake!  I'm trying to avoid going back to bed the moment that tiredness takes over so I tried to do a bit of jewellery making.  But my faculties of concentration weren't up to it. Instead I decided to sort all the scrap lots that I'd bought from Ebay and  thankfully that did the trick.  I got so engaged in the task that I lost track of time.

Here is the reason for my horribly bad pun.  The pigeons  I allude to aren't those scruffy ones that you see with bits of leg missing in our city centres.  No, they're the plump, luscious ones found in the country that can be admired or eaten with relish, depending on your philosophy in life.  My metaphorical pigeons are those pieces of jewellery that are going to be useful, either to sell in their own right, or to repair or recycle into something new.

And here's what's left.  Everything I thought could no longer  be used.  From the bottom, going clockwise, we'll start with  pile number one which really truly is a bunch of tat.  I've salvaged all the crystals, findings and beads that might possibly have some use from this lot.  I confess that there are still a few bits and pieces that are, in theory, wearable but all humankind, who have just the minutest modicum of taste, should be saved from their quite unbelievable nastiness.  I shudder to think about the state of mind of the poor people who designed them in the first place.

Pile number two comprises of stuff that's not going to make me my fortune but might bring in a few bob or two for the charity shop after the kids have taken their pick.  And number three?  Well, that's an interesting one.  It's a selection of odd earrings that, at first thought, I viewed as having no further use.  But they're pretty in their own right and, with a bit of imagination, and help from the Internet, they show potential for being  transformed into something new and fantastical - when the mood takes me.


  1. i hope you have more days like this one and can spend your time happily

  2. Glad you enjoyed Govan's finest! It just jogged my memory. Hope you manage to create something lovely from the leftovers.