Saturday, 2 July 2011

Thoughts Turning to.......

....the impending summer holidays now that July is upon us.  But Brittany at the end of August seems a long way off so I'm back reminiscing about our last trip at Easter.

One of the places that we parked up in the motorhome was the pretty little town of Le Faou. It's a atmospheric medieval port with lots of gabled buildings that is situated on a tidal inlet.  If you're tempted to hole up there though,  I'd warn you off the food van parked on a junction near the bridge.  It's there we purchased our worst pizza ever!  There's a plethora of little restaurants and food shops that look like they'd provide a much more satisfying alternative.

In the main street a galerie caught my eye and I was particularly taken by the work of Edouard Cribier.  His bold pictures which have an iridescent quality also incorporates collage.  If you look closely at the little boats in this tryptych you'll see newspaper being used to good effect.

As well as being sold in the galerie in the town it appears that M. Cribier sells his work online through the website ArtActif.   Prices seem so reasonable that they're tempting me to use a carrot to kick start a long awaited weight loss campaign!

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  1. Sounds a lovely place - shame about the pizza! Though I doubt it was the worst pizza ever, as I think WE had that one in a cafe in the Limousin region. So much cheese on it I swear the EU cheese mountain was visibly depleted. The place has since closed, so perhaps we were not alone in not being keen!