Tuesday, 19 July 2011

What would you do with £1.42?

Okay, I realise that this a weird amount of money but bear with me!  I'm trying my best to make quite a banal observation entertaining.  This sum doesn't represent a vast fortune so, if it were spare change, I'd probably put it in the piggy bank and save it towards something more  substantial, perhaps next February's exorbitantly expensive half term ski passess.   But for inspiration as to what £1.42 might buy I turned to Ebay (small amounts of postal costs ignored for this fun exercise!).
My animal loving chums could get this leather collar for their favourite pooch.  It comes in a variety of sizes.  I'd never considered that dogs had different sized necks before but it's blindingly obvious now I've engaged my brain!
Now these fit the price challenge exactly and they seem a marvellous bargain. They're a zany pair of kid's shorts with a cute pea design.  Not Louis' taste but they could appeal to a vegetable growing little one.

Here's one I'd consider buying - if I didn't already have a few years worth of similar stuff stashed away already.  A very useful 50ml tube of branded SPR30 face cream with free P&P to boot!

If Louis had been a little girl  he would have been called Phoebe. No doubt she would have filled my house with pink stuff and fairy rubbish rather than Star Wars paraphenalia and vast quantities of weaponry.  I reckon she might have loved this book and I could have been tempted to raid the holiday fund to get it for her!

But these Tibetan silver ladybirds are right up my street.  So much so, I've saved Loriis Funky Miscellanea to my favourites list.  The shop sells a plethora of lovely beads, a great resource for a time when I've sold some jewellery and will then allow myself to restock raw materials.

And finally.....slightly disturbing pants from Hong Kong.  If my undies developed a hole like this one in these they'd be for the bin! Comfy, cottton, apple catchers they are not so I'm going to pass them by.  For those oldies amongst us like me, who may need a refresher course giving them an idea of what modern underwear designers come up with these days, type 'C string' into an Ebay search  and prepare to be amazed and astounded!

'Where's this all going?'  you may be thinking so I'll finally get to the point.  Now I'm a brown sauce or mayo kind of girl but the Lovelygrey boys had run out of their favourite 'sauce de choix'.  So I went over to the Co-op to replenish supplies of ketchup.   With consumption being high, I naturally headed to the big bottle end of the shelf and noticed something out of kilter with my finely honed sense of value for money.  For £2.00, 1.3kg of Heinz's finest can be yours.  Or you can pay £2.89 for 900g.  Eh! what's the difference?  Well, the big one comes in the conventional 'lid at the top' type bottle whereas its little mate is the squirty type of container favoured at BBQs with its opening at the bottom. I've calculated that the magic £1.42 is the price you'll pay for the added convenience of not having to turn the bottle over to get at the sauce.  The thrifty amongst us might have already noticed that you could store the big guy upside down and get the same effect!


  1. What a rip off the ketchup thing is! My hubby bought mayonnaise in a squeezy, upside down bottle and you waste half the stuff, so you need to cut the bottle open and scrape it out! Give me a glass jar any day. Curiosity got me and I looked up c-string. Oh my goodness!!!

  2. Ye gods! You couldn't ride a bike whilst wearing one of those, could you?!