Saturday, 23 July 2011

Where's Me Chisels?

Okay, after being all coy yesterday and not displaying my dishevelled bed,  I thought I'd be brave today. I've decided to post the partially completed piece that I brought back from my stone carving course a couple of weeks ago.  It's made out of a French stone that's similar to Portland and, to me, it seemed very very hard.  However, my brother Paul Bernard Harris ,who used to be a stonemason in his former life, assures me it's quite soft and I'm just a nancified beginner!

My fifties-ish leaf effect pattern would be an ideal project to undertake at the moment as I don't need to assign a certain amount of time to the task.  I could work for just a few minutes or a couple of hours, however mood and motivation takes me.  And I'm unlikely to damage myself as my hands would be well away from the pointy ends of the chisels whilst I'm gouging away at my bit of stone.  Cork Mat No:2 is a no-no at the current time due to its high potential for  unintentional self-injurious behaviour through lack of inattention!

But my tools haven't arrived yet so, for a change, I've got a reasonable excuse for procrastination.  I'll just have to continue with stringing beads or reinstating progress on my fish mosaic instead.  But in the meantime here's one Paul prepared earlier.  You see the gargoyle with the crown?  Now that's one he made and it's my Dad!

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