Friday, 8 July 2011

Writer's Block

I tried to get permission to use this cartoon but the web address to do so that is listed in the bottom right hand corner directed me to a catering company in Ontario.  Oh well, I tried!   This neat illustration sums up how I feel after trying for nearly two hours to come up with today's offering  Other bloggers must surely have experienced this sorry state of affairs especially if they've made a solemn promise to themselves to commit to posting daily.

It's true to say that I'm well and truly defeated, a mind state brought about by an exhausting week.  But I'm sure it's only a temporary blip and hopefully I'll be back with something zany and original in the near future - even tomorrow if I've perked up by then.  After all, this evening I'm leaving the Lovelygrey boys to entertain themselves whilst I'm off for a weekend of  crafty R&R with my girlfriends.  A source of inspiration in itself.  In the meantime have a look around, a site I've recently discovered.  There's plenty at this alternative venue for the curious to explore and it may even be a source of personal  inspiration in the future.

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  1. I admit to struggling sometimes as well, and occasionally miss a day. I sometimes get ideas from other blogs though I try not to actually steal an idea, I just use them for inspiration.

    Writing a blog makes me go out and do things. I would rather look for new ideas than re hash the same old stuff. It amazes me sometimes that some bloggers write the shortest and simplest of posts yet still get loads of comments. How do they do that? Not that I am looking for recognition, but it is nice to know if someone is actually reading it.

    I bet you will get a flash of inspiration tomorrow.