Saturday, 27 August 2011

At the End of the Silvery Thread

In a bid to schedule ahead so that my loyal readers have their daily dose of Lovelygrey's musing whilst I'm in Brittany, I've milked to death my recent visit to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen's latest exhibition. I apologise for the really poor use of metaphor but here goes. Beyond the final squeezes on the udders of the cow of creativity!

We'll start with Tony Mann, who builds automata.  A super serious sounding career in Industrial Design has evolved into making these gorgeous toys for adults and children alike to enjoy.  Just don't let your rug rats get their sticky little hands on these intricately worked little people in their boxes.

I loved the four figurative pieces in the exhibition that were made by ceramicist, Jenny Southam but this was the one that made me giggle.  Bring on more arty stuff generates humour.  It depicts a man pretending to be a statue in a wood.  How mad is that!

I've saved the best until last. On reflection, I think the work of mosaic artist Jude Freeman provided me with the greatest inspiration and hence, after looking through my photos have become my favourite pieces in the exhibition. What I admire is the skill in mixing found objects and high quality tesserae.  By clever use of broken china she transforms these fragments that many would see as only fit for the bin, into pieces as valuable to the design as those expensive Venetian tiles that butt up against them.

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