Friday, 12 August 2011

'Ave a Banana!: AKA 101 Unusual Uses of a Banana No:2 It is Then

Exhibit 1
If I'm being truthful I'll have to admit that sometimes my sense of humour can be a bit puerile. So, in an attempt to show my grown up side, this time  when I'm writing about bananas I won't subject you to any pictorial or textual phallic references - like I did last time.  I've reminded myself of what my last post, written in September last year, was about.  It gave the first of 101 uses for the fruit., so what I'm going to talk about today must constitute my second handy hint.  At this rate, it'll take a month of Sundays until this project is completed.

Okay, I know that the picture of a pair of shoes may seem incongruous to a few of you given the subject matter.  However, the most expert of the thriftsters out there will get the connection right away.  It's a reasonably well known money saving fact that bananas contain potassium which found in shoe polish.  Ergo, you can use the inside of their skins to clean leather footwear.  I thought that I'd try this out.

Exhibit 1 are Louis' school shoes that have remained untended since the end of term.  But I'm not a bad mother for not having cleaned them yet.  Why not?  Because these are made by Clark's and everyone in the UK knows that if you believe the hype you will damage your children's feet irreparably if they wear any other brand.  Hence I'm a good mother for buying them (For the purpose of this exercise his ASDA trainers are being kept well out of sight!).

Onto Exhibit 2 and you've guessed it.  One's had the banana treatment and an unpleasant slimy job that was too.  So, now I've managed to pick those telltale stringy bits of debris out of the velcro fastening can you telll me a)which of these has had a clean and b)are you convinced enough to save a couple of quid or so each year by giving up buying commercial shoe polish?

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  1. Not only will the inside of a banana skin clean shoes, it will also calm any itches that you get. True.