Friday, 19 August 2011

A Bit of A Puzzle

Weird things go on in cyberspace these days.  Judging by the personally targeted banners that pop up on all sorts of websites, someone is definitely watching me.  But they don't seem to know me half as well as they think they do.  Some of the things that they believe that I might buy with a bit of their devillish persuasion  are often offtrack.  One thing I definitely wouldn't be tempted by is  the offer to drive to Exeter, which is sixteen miles closer to London than Newton Abbot,  and  pay £3.50 more for a rail ticket to travel to Paddington!

These unseen spies pester me in the hope that I'll make a  major purchase when  the evil deed  has  already been done. So,  my pop ups still include quite a few reasonably priced cars (minus the Star!) even though my employee leased Fiesta Econetique was chosen long again and has been  sitting on my drive for over a month.  Also,  Mr Less than Super-Duper Sleuth, if you're listening,  I'm happy with the camera  I've bought!  It will serve me for a few years to come and I don't need another yet.   If money were no object,  I really would love more than one skiiing holiday next year but  2012 is already sorted out.  I've arranged it on a budget, not through those tour operators who are shamelessly touting their packages as bargains for double the price I've paid.

More annoyingly,  I'm subjected to adverts for things that I definitely don't want.  Say, I do some research and look up credit card or loan rates to do a 'back of the envelope' calculation about the savings that can be achieved by not resorting to borrowing.  You can guarantee there'll be a barrage of lenders unwantedly vying for my attention.  And once, I mentioned a large furniture chain in a disparingly way on Facebook and I was bombarded by images of ugly sofas for months.

So to see if those unseen Ad-men have got the message, I'll try a little experiment even though I might live to regret it.   What effect will mentioning Cheestrings,  Remington Nose Hair Trimmers and Febreze Plug In Air Fresheners in this post have on this thrifty, green-ish decluttering girl's consumer profile!


  1. Do you use Google Chrome by any chance? I've noticed the same thing happening. I keep meaning to look for somewhere to turn these settings off, if it exists. It is amusing when they are off track though!

  2. Dear me, I had to research Cheestrings - I'd never heard of them. They don't look wonderful do they? Do keep us posted won't you?

  3. I don't understand the details of it but afaik, Google ads have shifted recently from being entirely about the context of the webpage you're viewing and to being a blend of that and feeding in bits of info they know about you (from either the rough location of your IP address, info collected by their cookies on your computer or info you've told them via your Google Account).

    You seem to be able to change settings here -