Monday, 1 August 2011

Days Out in Devon: Saving and Spending in Newton Abbot Part 2

Lou insists that his best mate is Henry, an eight year old lothario with a myriad of girlfriends.  However, I  think that I've mentioned before that I beg to differ.  Abi, who lives around the corner treats our house like a second home and the pair of them are as thick as thieves, preferring to spend time in each other's company than almost anything else.  Yesterday they were seperated in the daytime as Abi had a family outing planned but I agreed that she could come for tea later and make pizza with Louis.  So,  my lovely son and I set off for the dizzy heights of Newton Abbot to get ingredients.  Why  does a French knitting dolly illustrate this post?  Well, that was an impulse purchase in Lidl for the heady sum of £1.49 which sat in my string bag along with the mozzarella.  I saw in a book that wire and beads can be worked in this way so I thought I'd give it a go.

As we were passing the cattle market a car boot sale was in place.  'I wish I could go to one of those' said my son.  'Well' I replied. 'Your wish is my command.  We'll stop and have a look'.  'I wish that I could have lots of sweets' added Louis trying it on.  'Steady there, dude' was my answer. 'This fairy only grants one wish!'. 

Now I've written about how I try to educate Louis in spending money wisely before. The lesson started in Lidl where I gave him a choice between the McVities Jaffa Cakes that he spied from afar or the one of the cheaper bigger, weirdly branded offering.  Then at the car boot sale I let him loose to spend his pocket money.

My son could certainly give those 'Bargain Hunt' contestants a run for their money.  The smooth talking haggler. came home with a huge stack of books including Dandy annuals and a bingo game.  All acquired by this expert negotiator for 50p each!  And the prize item?  Was it a piece of gold jewellery or a rare antique vase? No, it was a cuddly Spongebob, destined to be much loved, and beaten down to the rock bottom 'best' price of 10p!


  1. Well done to Louis - thriftiness must be in the bones!

  2. You can't beat a good Beano, good choices there. Well done Louis.