Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The 'Everlasting' Dressing Jar

This is Maille's magnificant shop in Dijon selling the city's famous moutarde! As a good Anglo-Saxon,  I like English mustard as much as its French counterpart.  There's nothing like slathering the hot yellow stuff on a fat juicy sausage.   Just pause there for a moment.  Do you think that the last sentence could mark the start of a budding porn writing career or should I  keep hold of my own job for the time-being?

I was delighted that Norwich, in the heart of the Norfolk growing area, has its own olde-worlde mustard shop too, selling goods made by Colman's, the most popular brand on these shores.  It's good no-nonsense stuff that comes in powder form as well as ready-made.  I recall that, in the days of domestic science, our teacher, Miss Blampied (I kid you not!), used it in all manner of savoury stuff as an extra condiment. 'Remember girls, it bring's out the flavour of the cheese'.  she exhorted in her plummy voice.  And do you know? It did too.

Now Colmans comes in a dull trapezoid pot whereas Maille's glass container is more curvaceous and aesthetically pleasing.  It is, 'ow d'you say - Oh! so French! But our English contestant  has the edge for the thrift conscious as Maille's awkward shape means that there was always a bit too much wastage for my liking trapped in those hard to reach cornices.  Until I came up with the great idea of making my dressing directly into a nearly used jar.  I've just popped in my olive oil and white wine vinegar.  Then I added, seasoning to taste, just salt and pepper and none of Miss Blampied's special magic powder.  And after a quick shake, la voila, the dressing is ready.  Just check the flavour each time its used and add a bit more oil and vinegar if too much mustard has soaked off!

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