Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The First of a Few Silvery Threads

I'm trying to get out of the house daily and rebelling against the inner recluse who sometimes gets the upper hand at times when my mood dips. Once I've embarked on my trips I'm usually pleased that I've made the effort and I was particularly satisfied with my trip to Bovey Tracey the other day. There, I endured the torture of eyebrow waxing as the first step in getting back to giving a damn about my appearance. That was followed by a wander around the park where I noticed for the first time how the planting resembled that of an arboretum. There's so many different variety of beautiful trees there. I also popped into the charity shops for a mooch and picked up a couple of pieces of interesting vintage jewellery.

As is often the case, my mooch around my nearest town lead me to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen and I was pleased to see that their exhibition had changed since my last visit.   This place is such a source of inspiration.  The people who are accepted to exhibit are incredibly talented.  Currently members' work on the theme of 'A Silver Thread' is being showcased.   There was so much gorgeousness that I'm going to have to spread my adulation over at least two posts.  So, today I'll start with the jewellers. 

The glorious web pendant with its amethyst spider is by the designer, Felix Faulkner.  This cleverly constructed piece would look fantastic on Morticia Addams.  Although you can't see it properly in the picture I particularly liked the fastener, a simple hook and triangular fastener made of square faceted wire.   It's an idea that I might copy in something that I make in future.

However my favourite piece has to be this necklace by Veronica Polyblank, a new member of the Guild who doesn't seem to have her own website.  Perhaps she's shy or just spurns modern technology.  It comes with earrings which are nice enough.  But maybe, I have little interest in them as I don't do piercings even of the staid auricular kind.  However the texturing on the beaten panels, now there's a thing!  They follow the thread theme as the wavy line, which is different on each, forms a continuous whole by appearing to form a link with the jump rings holding them together.  So simple, but very very clever indeed!

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  1. I do love the 2nd necklase too. Never have seen one like the spider web one.....very different, but not my style.