Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A Gal with a Big Lens

I've been wanting to showcase someone else's talent  for a few days now and thankfully Laurie Excell  has come up with the goods. She's one of the many photographers that we came across when visiting Yellowstone National Park in January and she took a wonderful picture of Louis whilst waiting to capture those incredible geysers strutting their funky stuff.  When we got home I looked up her work.  Unsurprisingly, it's so much better than the holiday snaps that I took on my mobile phone.  But then I didn't have to lug  a lens the size of dustbin lids around.

I was impressed enough with what I saw to list Laurie's blog amongst my own favourites.  She posts regularly and you can view her beautiful work by clicking the link in the left hand column here whenever she's done an update.  I'm so captivated by her images of the American landscape and admit to being slightly jealous that she is able to travel around in such stunning scenery and do it as a job to boot!  Still, my compensation is that  I've got the joy of bringing up an exuberant eight year old who thrives on the stability of a childhood in rural Devon.

Yesterday I was really taken by this incredibly beautiful, vibrant still life shot that she posted after whilst wandering around her home city.   She insists that she only took lightweight equipment on her walk but I swear from her equipment inventory that  it sounds like her camera and lens are at least as bulky as a medium sized dog.  Laurie, if you're ever tempted to photograph the rugged Dartmoor landscape that starts just a street away from Lovelygrey Villas, we have a spare room where you can stay.  But you'll have to hire a warehouse for all your photographic gubbins!

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