Monday, 29 August 2011

Healing Holiday Air!

Tracing the course of my latest bout of depression has been interesting and acts as a learning experience if ever there is a next time round.  It seems a long time since I wandered around the supermarket completely stumped by how to cook a roast chicken, or had to go back to bed immediately after breakfast, yet that was just six weeks ago.  My concentration has improved to the point where  I can now drive to my GP surgery  without hitting the curb three times and my energy levels are sufficiently restored to a level where a two hour coast path walk does not leave me bedraggled for days after.

Although I've not yet quite clambered up the cliff  back to normality,  I'm getting there on a combination of  a change of scenery and different medication.  So thank you to my friends and family who helped me along the way in Essex, Norfolk and Brittany.  Oh! my lovely GP and the inventors of Venlaflaxine have also played their part too.  Cheers fellas! You've got me up a part of the ascent which seemed so sheer that I needed lots of help to tackle it.

Now, the obstacles on this part of my climb are different.  Instead of the indifference and lack of motiviation that I felt when I first succombed to this illness, I'm plagued by anxious thinking and low mood, much more familiar symptoms that I've had in the past.  The good news is because I've encountered these before I have a pre-prepared plan.  So I'll be speaking to the doc tomorrow to ask him to increase my anti-depressant dose.  And I've now got enough va-va voom back to up the ante and get busy doing things that increase my confidence and sense that, yes,  life is  indeed good again!

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