Monday, 8 August 2011

I Wanted This Soooo Much!!!!!!

I discovered the work of Bernard Moss nearly a year ago and quickly acquired my own piece of his work on Ebay. My tiny three inch rabbi sits proudly on my mantlepiece  ready to welcome chums with open arms! Sadly, as yet, no little mates have joined him.

What I've found is that Moss' figurines, predominantly decorated in blue and black,  rarely come up on Ebay although his other pottery is rather more easily acquired. In fact I've only seen two other pieces and their final auction prices were out of my price range.  This one, 'The Minyan', was displayed on 'the Bay' a couple of weeks ago and I so,so wanted all those little rabbis to come to my house and keep my chappie company. But, as we hopefully all tell our kids,  you can't always have what you want.  So,  in recognition of this age old piece of wisdom, I didn't even participate in the bidding which started at £250. The final sale price, a mere £360!

However, I did notice in the auction notes that the seller had acquired this piece in a South West sale themselves just a few months ago presumably at a much reduced price.  Darn dangit!!!!!  No regrets, but had I have been 'in the know' I might been able to acquire this beautiful  Cornish ceramic work and given it a long term loving home for a much more reasonable price.  Lesson learned.  I've started looking at the sites of 'proper' auction houses to see if they can help me come up with the goods to add to my collection a little more cheaply.  And who, knows, one day, my own little man may be able to give some of his long lost relatives the cuddle that he's been waiting for!

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