Tuesday, 9 August 2011

International Traffic

It pleases my little mind greatly when the map on Statcounter shows that  visitors to my blog have come from every continent on the planet.  Apart from Antarctica, that is, but then again I can't have it all.  Those scientific survey guys must have their work cut out measuring penguins or whatever they do and can't possibly have any time for surfing the Net.

Special helloes go my overseas followers who visit often.  These include  Mr/Mrs/Ms/Drs X,Y and Z in Oshawa in Canada, Clinton Township in Michigan US and  Strathbogie in Austrailia.  I've specifically picked on you guys because I like the names of your hometowns.  A bit of Wiki research to expand my world view suggests Oshawa is quite a big city and I ought to have heard of it before.  Perhaps I wasn't paying attention in geography lessons.   There are actually  three Clinton Townships in Michigan.  And Strathbogie is teeny-tiny but you're okay if you want to buy stamps or play golf.

I'm also hosting foreign visitors of a non-virtual kind at the moment.  These little birds have built their intricate summer getaway in the eaves of our roof but in a month or so's time they'll be winging their way back to their winter residence in Africa. Initially, my attempts to capture them in a cute pose with their heads peeping out from the nest were in vain   The best I could do was when the house marten family were asleep and I got shots of  their little tails sticking out from under the covers!  Finally, I snapped this. I know that it won't win any photography prizes but, now I've succeeded in seeing the chicks being fed, I'm leaving them to get on with their lives in peace.


  1. Thanks for an interesting blog and yes I am from Oshawa. I retired in November and was looking for a recipe for marmalade which led me to the small cottageholder and on to other good blogs like yours.

  2. Hi Jane - lovely to have found you and have expanded on my appalling geographical knowledge. Glad you enjoy what I write x