Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Pink Polar Bear of Perros

In the best British tradition I'm going to start this post with a grumble.  We're back from ten days in Brittany and the weather could have been a lot, lot drier and warmer.  Additionally these pictures were taken during our stay at Perros-Guirec, a place that does not have an aire de camping car on which to park up and stay in our motorhome for little or no cost.  As our friends had reserved a hotel and we wanted to spend time with them,  we had little choice but to pay an incredible 38 Euros a night for a down at heel camping site that did not even have loo roll in its toilets.  When I sent Mr Lovelygrey to perform his ablutions in the better of the two shower blocks he was astonished that a worse facility could possibly exist  Bah humbug!

Moaning over. We actually had a brilliant time in this lovely town which boasts expansive beaches and has a cracking piece of the coastpath right on its doorstep.  My camera hasn't captured the beauty of the rose coloured granite structures that grace the shoreline.  Allegedly many have names which our guidebook didn't disclose but surely my opening shot would grace a Fox's glacier mint rather nicely and this guy just has to be an ape of some sort.
Of course, big piles of rocks are just the ticket for small boys to scramble over.  Here's Louis and his friend Josh perched on a giant 'turtle'. They also had great fun naming the structures that they came across.
Both seem to be budding geologists and I'll be sharing some more of the 'rocky encounters' that occured later on in the trip in another post.  But for's back to those inevitable chores of laundry and unpacking after time away!

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