Saturday, 13 August 2011

Spooked in Southend-on-Sea!

I'm at Mama and Papa Lovelygrey's house in Essex at my childhood home for a few days and have been reunited with Louis.  My two hundred and fifty mile roadtrip, normally undertaken after a full days work, took monumental planning but I arrived safely, although I nearly collapsed in a heap on the doorstep.  Lets hope the new medication that I started yesterday starts to nail my depression on the head and I'm returned to former perkiness levels pronto!

I set myself a strange mission whilst down here.  Southend Council have public spaces to be proud of and Priory Park is one of my favourites.  It's a mixture of quiet spots like this trellised garden and its also a hub of busy activity with sports pitches, open air exercise equipment and an excellent children's playground.  There's also a museum in a building, that's a mishmash of period styles but is essentially made up of a house stuck onto a medieval priory.  When I was young we were frequent visitors here and the place that stays in my memory was the 'spooky' balcony.

This was reached down a couple of steps  from the first floor of the part of the building that looks like it was constructed in the Arts and Crafts era.  However, it overlooked the monk's dining hall.  My flesh turned cold whenever I ventured onto it and I wanted to revisit it to see if my unease was caused by a fear of either heights or falling through the rickety woodwork, or whether there was some 'presence' that I detected there!

Unfortunately though, the museum is closed for refurbishment at the moment so my experiment will have to wait until Summer 2012 when the restoration work is due to be completed.  In the meantime  here's an illustration from the information board outside the restoration site which is currently fenced off.  Spooky balcony is depicted above the arched entrance to the hall on the right.  And could it be that I'm not the only person who detects strange paranormal activity  at this spot?  Mama Lovelygrey thinks that it was a well creepy spot  too and check out this link to see some orbs in that refectory that are conclusive 'proof' that some supernatural activity is going on.  Ooh err!

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  1. There's nothing like going back to your childhood home to make you feel relaxed and happy, works for me every time! Good luck with the new medication!
    There definitely seems to be something about the 'atmosphere' in particular spots. Shame we'll have to wait until next year to find out if you have the same reaction!!
    I did think orbs were strange, but then I took some pictures both in the cottage and at my office Christmas party (both atmospheres full of the damp - the general damp of an unheated house and too many people drinking and dancing at the same time respectively!), and lots of orbs turned up in both. They also look the same as snow in a flash photograph, so I'm not 100% convinced that they show supernatural activity as much as water vapour. I'm still pretty convinced that there is evidence of the supernatural though!