Monday, 15 August 2011

Thought for the Day: In Praise of the Rubbish Novel

I began reading a new book the other day but, to be kind, I'm not going to disclose its title at the current time.  It's one that I've set aside as I'm not in the mood for it at the moment and I'm not entirely sure that I'll ever be.  Although the overall synopsis of the plot seemed like it could be completely engaging, I  only got a few pages in before the writing style, especially the dialogue, started to  really, really annoy me!

It got me thinking though.  Not about the story itself but the process of writing a whole novel.  And I've concluded that even if someone comes up with something that I view as complete and utter dross, I'm still in awe of the achievement of being able to stick with it, write a few hundred pages of text and then convince someone to publish it!  Just writing a quick post seems like a major success at times and often I'm not entirely happy with how I've phrased what I'm trying to convey.

And who's to say what's rubbish anyway? One girl's Mills and Boon is another man's Lord of the Rings trilogy and vice versa.   Perhaps that's why when I went in hunt for a definitive guide of the one hundred worst novels of all time, this list of  books  from a small online seller, which included non fiction too, came the closest.  Maybe it's something that really is too subjective to categorise.  I also came across this spoof list . Muggins here thought it was real for a few moments.  Only when my Amazon search for a title about the penis enlarging properties of fruit juice was unsuccessful did I realise that someone was having a laugh!

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  1. It is so disappointing when you can't get into a book. I sometimes wonder about my brain, I started reading one that was top of the 'charts' and after fifty pages I took it to the charity shop, it was just so annoying. I do, however, agree with your point about actually writing a book. I'm sure I could never do it.