Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Thought for the Day: Painfully Thin

Yep!  That's how everyone describes me.  Actually I lie.  'You've got a great big bottom', said Louis, stating the blooming obvious the other day.  The problem is that I love my tuck and I have so many fond memories of great things I've eaten.   It'll come as no surprise that today's post picture comes courtesy of Microsoft Clipart and is not me!

For example, Mr Lovelygrey and I  ate in this strange little restaurant cum nightclub in Auxerre years ago. If memory serves me well  I think it was called  Birdland.  The ambience was bizarre but the cassoulet was one of the best meals I've ever had.  Duck leg to die for!   Then there was the childhood summer holiday in Dorset when I was poorly at the time.  I can't remember if it was Walls or Lyons Maid, who for that year only, produced an ice that looked like a bar of Sunlight Soap.  But it was so, so heavenly lemony and it soothed my sore throat a treat.  And I'll go on...

The first runny egg and chips after I gave birth.  How I'd been longing for an unset yolk for months.  Dime bars from the garage opposite my university hall of residence.  Cockles with bread and butter from Leigh-on-Sea,  That weird but wonderful soup served at the Nobody Inn, Doddiscombleigh in the days under its previous ownership when children were so unwelcome, I doubted that I'd be allowed in when pregnant.  And of course, Mama Lovelygrey's chicken and bacon pie and the 'Dish with No Name' that she made following a recipe from the post war rationing days.  It was a concoction that had a base of sausage meat, layered with spaghetti hoops and topped with a cheesy potato lid.  Don't pooh-pooh this, you food snobs out there!  It was delicious enough for everyone in the family to request it as their 'birthday meal'.

And excuse the lack of food cosmetic photography here but I wanted to get on with my lunch!  Jacket potato with prawns brings back a very particular memory as it was pretty much my daily diet whilst on placement at Treliske Hospital during my occupational therapy training!  Yummy, though it is, it's less frequently on the menu these days.  On my work experience in Cornwall I was based with the therapist who specialised in oncology.  For the first time in my life, I came across people suffering from cancer would have viewed having a big bottom as complimetary as they  were delighted when they put ON weight.  Food for thought indeed.

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  1. If you don't have much padding on your bottom, it is very painful to sit on a hard chair. I have just looked at Word Verification and it is (I kid you not) 'porke'. What a hoot.