Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Thought for the Day: Perfect Peter

Given the rioting that has been taking place in our cities I thought it was the right time to write the sequel to my recent post about our day trip to the capital.    It was in London on Saturday, the day that the trouble started in other areas of the city,  that a lovely local (the chap with the bald head in the picture) helped Louis to hand feed a coal tit and told us all about the history of the Peter Pan statue.  It seemed to be a complete passion for him and he said that he had spent many hours sketching the creatures depicted around its base.  There are so many kind people around who do give a damn. I've got enough faith in human nature to believe that this includes the majority of our young people of all ethnic backgrounds. It seems right to showcase what they do rather than giving all the limelight to this very small minority of horrible, stupid, greedy hooligans who are taking action for self gain and gratification rather than any cause.

The statue shows Peter Pan standing on a tree trunk which is covered in sculptures of animals and fairies.  In an act of mild-moderate anarchy that, in marked contrast to the current violence and unrest, was beneficial to the wider community, the statue  was secretly erected overnight without permission of the park authorities being sought or a formal unveiling.  J M Barrie announced in 'The Times' the next day that the work, by George Frampton, had been placed there.

The detail is exquisite and it looks like many have appreciated it over the years.  There are shiny patches on the bronze where big and little hands have given some of the creatures, a stroke.  The rabbits that Louis is seen admiring have golden ears in contrast to their brown bodies, a legacy to years of being admired and touched.

Unfortunately, we didn't have long there and I want to go back again and make a photographic catalogue of all the creatures that I can find nestling on the bronze tree.  So, I'll plan my visit soon and stand up to these thugs in a small way by not postponing my trip for fear of being caught up in trouble. Why should our tourist industry and other businesses suffer because of the actions of these vacuous selfish people?


  1. Very well said. I like the fact that the man in the park was so au fait with the statue and took the time to share his knowledge with you and Louis. As you say, not all people are bad.

  2. Dear Lovely Grey, It's good to read your positive posting in this troubling week. Peter Pan has been polished by my daughters' appreciative hands in years gone by and it is nice to see your son enjoying it in just the same way.

  3. caught you through toms blog
    LOVED your AMERICAN RUBBISH blog entry!