Thursday, 25 August 2011

Tool Kit in the Kitchen

Mr Lovelygrey would  hate this post that I've scheduled  cunningly to publish itself whilst we're in Brittany. Ta-ta!  He's not the most avid follower of my blog,  Probably experiencing some of the loop-da- loop things that I do in real life is enough for him without having to read about them too.

I see the world as if it were a big laboratory or studio in which to conduct experiments and/or be creative.  There are so many things to use at our disposal and here's where Mr Lovelygrey and I don't see eye to eye.  He views tools as being designed specifically for a purpose whereas I see them as much more versatile beasties.  The kitchen is a plethora of lovely gadgets that can be used, not merely for boring old food preparation but for so much more!

That thing he calls the washing machine - yes it can get clothes clean but it's also been used to dye clothes  and for feltmaking , albeit accidentally.  A metal sieve makes a great 'panning device' for using in conjunction with my tumble polisher that's filled with steel shot for cleaning jewellery.  When a load is finished, I tip it in and sift out the 'precious things' just like a modern day prospecter.  The carving knife came in handy to halve the corks for my bathmat and  a garlic crusher, graters and cookie cutters have all been put to use when modelling Fimo Clay.  I've resisted using the pasta machine to roll it out though and bought a dedicated version for the purpose.  There are so many warnings online about toxicity that I took heed and hence we've avoided being poisoned by eating  luridly marbled tagliatelle. Finally,  many chemical reactions have taken place in the those versatile pyrex dishes.  Adding sodium hydroxide to olive oil to make soap was the most impressive and there's still a dishful of much more benign pickling solution in the garage.  This restores the shine to silver after it's first been heated to an active temperature in the microwave.

Ah! the microwave, now that's the most useful tool of all.   Its ideal for melting stuff, for example wax, if unlike me, candle making is your bag.  But its multi-functionality lies in the fact that it  is really a great big desiccator that can be used for drying flowers, making paper mache and that most eighties of crafts, salt dough.   In fact, there's a whole book, Crafts from the Microwave  that's lets itself down by including food recipes but is, at least, in part dedicated to the improper use of this appliance!

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