Sunday, 21 August 2011

Unrelated Updates

In past posts  I've said that I'd give some further feedback about all kinds of stuff so decided today to write something for everyone!  The 'Top Gear' fans will  respond with glee when they hear about the performance of my now-newish motor,  craftsters among you will be given an update about the  durability of my home made bathmat and my fellow glampers wiil find out whether I've ever got my huge, fold up tent back  into its carry bag.  Harvesting snails remains on the back burner!

First stop - the Ford Fiesta Econetique.  On the positive side, it's comfy inside, looks great, all my camping gear fits into it easily  and Louis loves the voice activated stereo system.  It keeps him and his little mates amused for hours.   It's also over thirty pounds a month cheaper than my old lease car and over the three years this saving pays for a fortnight away in France so its not to be sniffed at.  However Like the Fiesta is a bit less gutsy performance wise than my old Skoda Fabia, although it's not embarrassing weedy like the motorhome on a hill.   But what was I expecting, given  the eco tag?  Other downsides are that its air conditioning and parking sensors aren't up to the same standard as in the Volkswagen group vehicles.  I can't turn the front airbag off either so Louis has been relegated to the back seat on journeys that we make without Mr Lovelygrey.  More importantly, I don't yet seem to be achieving the fuel savings I was expecting  but perhaps I might when the 'mythical' running in period is over.  We'll see.

Right onto my cork mat.  As both the lovely Meanqueen and I expected, this finely worked piece of craftsmanship does fall apart quite quickly. It only takes a bit of scientific knowledge to realise that the corks are going to expand as they get wet.  Still, it looks fantastic and I do love it enough to keep the hot glue gun available for running repairs.  I'm going to rethink Mark II which is planned for the main bathroom once I've increased my supply of nicely decorated corks again.

And that Quechua 4:2 tent?  Well, on its first three outings it came home in a partially popped up state in the back of the car leaving me reliant on the wing mirrors to see behind. Only Mr Lovelygrey seems to be able cast his magic and get it back into the bag!

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  1. Had to laugh at the tent going back in partly popped up state! I bought a pop-up 'photographic studio' (see them on ebay) and in my struggles to get it back in its carrying case I thought I'd broken my jaw, knocked out teeth and got a black eye!!!