Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Item 419: Grow a Beard?

Normally 'en vacances' in Brittany I rattle through four or five books whilst imbibing a few glasses of single vineyard wine bought from supermarkets at bargain prices.  Result!  This time was different as  I was inspired to spend my time in different way after finishing just one paperback on day two, The To-Do List. Following in the footsteps of the author Mike Gayle, I felt the urge  to come up with my own 1,227 item agenda to action over the next year.

Did I succeed?  Well, no.  I've spent the last ten days mentally grafting and have come up with a comparatively paltry 418 potentially achievable things to gratifyingly tick off when completed.  And of course I'll share my experiences in due course.  All sorts of resources have been brought into play to provide inspiration, including the author's own list.  Unfortunately I do not have the inclination to grow a beard like he did.  Hirsutism will remain firmly at bay through timely use of tweezers. Neither will I be succombing to the urge to feel a pair of false breasts, an item that one of Monsieur Gayle's girly friends sensibly vetoed before his wife could get very cross indeed.  However I am intent on finding out the origin of the term 'It ain't over until the fat lady sings', doing something with the shrinky dink plastic that I bought on impulse and feeding the cultural part of my psyche by re-watching all the episodes of Rab C Nesbit  that I can find on YouTube whilst I'm doing my ironing!

PS: It's now some hours since I published this post and amongst other things I've managed to tick off item 244 - 'find notebook and pen that I took on holiday.  This is where I recorded my original list and there were a few extra bits and pieces that I forgot to include, some indeed inspired by the imbibement of special grape juice.  My final 'To Do' list total now stands at 454 and I am  also spared the embarrassment of imagining the staff in the lost property department at Brittany Ferries wondering why on earth I ever felt the need to sketch a rather lewd  picture of a fox with two willies   My secret remains safe with a select few!

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  1. Wow, 1,227 things is hardcore! I've had a few friends who've done "101 things in 1001 days" - and they found it hard enough coming up with those, let alone four or ten times as many!

    Good luck with the project! :)