Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Gremlin Art

Aargh!  I know that I have nothing to do at the moment except loll around all day but it hasn't stopped my head working.  There's some great ideas for posts sloshing about in my brain but Blogger isn't playing ball.  It's not letting me upload photos properly and all sorts of other strange stuff is going on including cryptic messages from Google illustrated with a bewildered, broken robot.

Now I'm not a fluffy airhead when it comes to troubleshooting.  Usually, I can go online, identify whether there's a global problem affecting all users or if there's something up with my own machine.  But today I'm stumped.  So, I've decided to make the best of a bad job, keep calm and show you some of the zany art that my computer is producing all of its own accord.  Perhaps the normally behaved gremlins that live behind the scenes are rebelling against slavishly following my orders and have unleashed themselves to explore their own creative whims!

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