Friday, 30 September 2011

Bouncing Back!

On mulling things over, my post title doesn't actually reflect the speed of my recovery.  It's more like I'm crawling along on my belly like a snail with its shell full of stuff after a grocery shop.  But I'm getting there.  On the last two days, I've achieved significant milestones.  I've been out as a passenger in the car, albeit to a family dentist appointment.  You can't say that Mr Lovelygrey doesn't  know how to treat a girl well.  And yesterday, my new tummy band and I went for a little walk outside to the mail box, an easy three minute stroll for the fit and feisty, onto the very edge of the National Park but ten minutes for me. Yep, it's that close.

 Because the weather was so lovely and I felt reasonably okay after posting my letters,  I decided that I'd  extend my walk and take the scenic circular route home.  The hedgerows are beautiful at this time of year. I spied some lovely big fat rosehips  but  resisted the urge to pick them  After all, I've got enough on my plate without giving myself the additional job of making syrup. This footpath is the start of a network of routes that go up to the moor proper, ideal for little strolls once my exercise tolerance gets better. The quiet lane leads is Louis' route to school and a lot of the kids cycle or walk.   It has to be one of the best 'commutes' in the country.  City slickers who spurn the nasty countryside are welcome to disagree!

Back home after about thirty enjoyable but exhausting minutes!  I couldn't face carbohydrates so raided the fridge and the greenhouse to treated myself to this lunch.  Now French readers looking at this photo will throw their hands up in horror.  Although they might just about accept the ripeness of the camembert keeping it chilled is not the done thing.  'Et sacre bleu!'  An adult eating that nasty Laughing Cow stuff.  It is only for  children whose taste buds haven't developed yet.     Us English forty-somethings connoisseurs of processed cheese, brought up in an era where Dairylea frequently appeared  in our diet would disagree!


  1. Glad you are feeling better.
    My son - 20, has vache qui ri every day on his sandwiches - 4 triangles. he won't change it for anything. I have tried to buy him the cheaper stuff but he refuses to eat it!!

  2. Vache qui ri - it has to be!

    It's that lovely slight sourness that the other junky cheeses don't have! x

  3. Glad things are looking up for you. There's nothing like a bimble in the countryside for lifting the spirits.

  4. It's bound to be a slow progress so don't make yourself uncomfortable by trying to do too much. Small walks are ideal and you have the perfect countryside to do it.

  5. I had tummy surgery 18 years ago as I had an ectopic pregnancy. I remember how exhausting even the shortest walk was at first. Glad you are making good progress.Your lunch looks tasty!