Sunday, 4 September 2011

First Class!

Look and weep all ye economy class passengers!
I'd intended to post something arty today but that's going to have to wait.  This is my first ever pictureless blog (although I may add one later!)  Instead of exploring a verdant outdoor sculpture exhibition as planned I spent yesterday in the care of the good old NHS, finally ending up on a surgical ward with suspected appendicitis.  I have archaic Internet access but mustn't grumble as it's only two pounds a day.

With my eyes closed, pain relief sorted and my bed reclined, I can just about imagine that I'm in the first class section of an aircraft.  There's no champagne though, or indeed anything at all to eat or drink, as I'm nil by mouth.  The only other thing that's affecting the ambience is Jack from 'Father Ted' who appears to have a fully reclining seat close by.  Who let him into my exclusive cabin!

Hope to post tomorrow but who knows what another day will bring!

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