Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Look what I made whilst I was in hospital! Actually I jest. Cross stitch isn't really my bag - so much white canvas on show. And I was too busy to complete a craft project in spite of  the best efforts of Red Mel, good occupational therapist that she is, bringing me everything I needed to make macrame and bead necklaces and bracelets when she visited!  I was too busy having things done to me plus getting on with my other less demanding pursuits - blogging, deleting unnecessary stuff in my email inbox and listening to comedy programmes on the Radio 4 Extra i-player-to complete a craft project.  Catch Dr Phil Hammond's Rude Health on Saturday Stand-Up if you're quick.  It's still available for a couple of days.

So, now I'm home and preparing for a ten mile hike in the morning.  Again, this is untrue.  I'm  tired,  in pain and feeling a bit dicky because I'm on two lots of antibiotics. So I think that there's going to be a bit more lounging about in bed for a couple of days at least.  Back tomorrow and I've promised myself I'm going to blog about something 'pretty'.  Maybe in my own home I'll work out where to secure bits of string to do some knotting and have a craft project of my own to show you!


  1. Glad to see you are home! Hope the antibiotics kick in and stop the pain and that your body acclimatises itself to them so you feel more yourself. Ooh macramé! That takes me back to the seventies!

  2. Sounds like you have been through the mill a bit. Hope you feel better soon. Macrame always makes remember a French and Saunders sketch where they were cleaning ladies in a posh house. They were sitting in the kitchen of said house, making disparaging (but very funny!) remarks re their boss and her efforts at macrame were mentioned.

  3. Did you find out what ails you?
    Do rest, lots.