Thursday, 8 September 2011

Days Out in Devon: Mythic Garden 2011

I promised something pretty today but can't muster up the energy at the moment to produce one of my own creations. However, I've downloaded the pictures from the annual Mythic exhibition held at Stone Lane Gardens each year which I hope will inspire and entrall.  Unfortunately, mummy's little helper was given responsibility for looking after the guide and price list. You've guessed it - it was promptly lost! 

I think that my exhibit was this collection of giant limestone replicas of pollen which I believe are made by a sculptor called Jo Golesworthy, a local artist so this ideas doesn't seem entirely fanciful.  Forgive me if I'm wrong especially if you've come across this blog and discover that your own work is being wrongly attributed.  If this happens,  I promise that I'll atone for my error  but the method will have to be relatively painless!

Now I've tried quite hard to find the name of the artist who produced this piece but to no avail.  When I'm a bit better I may be able to go and grub about in my car to see if that missing list of contributors is tucked down behind a seat or something.  I found this  truly inspirational and can see that filling a crevice of one material with bits of another medium could give rise to  many interesting and pleasing variants.   There's a piece of granite that I found on a beach in France which is just itching to have this treatment and some jewellery ideas are bouncing around in my head too.

And finally, I mustn't forget to show a bit of  work by that supreme artist, Mother Nature.  The five acre garden not only hosts the sculpture exhibition during the summer months, but is also home to a national collection of two types of tree, one of which is the elder.  However,  at this time of year members of the other species are shedding their bark and the sun, when it's around in 'Sunny Devon',  reflects on and through the curly cast-offs.  This picture is proof that not all birches are silver, like I thought!

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