Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Jollying Along

It's now come up to week nine of being off sick diagnosed with depression that has somehow transformed itself into gynae problems. How can that be? I can't sit properly on a chair because it's uncomfortable, walking short distances knackers me, the antibiotics are making me feel nauseous and my pain is increasing again after diminishing over the weekend. Is it okay to feel a bit hacked off?

Keeping my virtual pecker up is taking a bit more effort than usual although, of course, a laugh normally sorts me out for a bit. Personal thanks must go to Miranda Hart for back episodes of her super-silly sitcom. This note slipped into a get well card also did the trick.  To add to its aesthetic look Louis has added some chocolate-y fingerprints.

It was found by Maria, Josh's mum as she was doing her pocket policing task prior to putting dirty clothes in the washing machine. It really is amazing what small boys hide in their trousers. My favourites have to be half eaten things. It refers to a small act of beachcombing that I executed on our holiday in Brittany. I only took one thing but it was a beast!

Yes, this is big rock mentioned in the note which was snuck back to Blighty in my undies compartment of the motorhome. There's a perfectly good reason for subterfuge.  Mr Lovelygrey has an  obsession with keeping the weight in the van as light as possible.  Had my treasure, which is at least a foot high,  been discovered before we reached home it would have unreasonably been oiked out to the accompaniment of manly ranting.  Thus the pleasure of transforming this piece of granite into  'art' would have been denied to me.  All praise to Louis and Josh who were in on my secret and kept mum all the way home.  I hadn't envisaged though that my escapades were monumental enough to be newsworthy in a Midlands primary school.  Goodness knows what other family secrets are divulged by our small people in the name of academia!


  1. Excellent note and even better if it cheered you up. I hope you get on the up soon. St Trinians movies (the old ones) are my 'medicine' of choice.

  2. Oh dear, you really have been going through it, glad to see you are keeing your pecker up, as my mam used to say.