Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lead Me Not Into Temptation - Oh B***r I'm There Already!

In spite of being laid up with tummy pain for much of the last couple of days,  progress with my 454 item to do list is going swimmingly.  I've checked off 22 items already, not bad for a near bed bound slug.  So, what have I done so far.  Well I wrote to Mike Gayle to thank him for inspiring me to embark on this project (item 338)  and he replied!  What a nice guy he seems.  In a flourish of sheer optimism, I emailed Crocs sharing my brilliant idea that they should extend their range to make comfy ski boots, walking boots and running trainers (item 454). I'd envisaged  some top dog at the company being so overwhelmed by my genius idea that I would be invited to oversee the design process and then test my 'babies' in  Aspen, the Grand Canyon and the Olympic Stadium,. So, I was surprised just to get a trite ready-made reply - their loss I'd say!!

One thing that I haven't got round to is unsubscribing from all those advertising emails that pop up unannounced (item 250). It was a task that I was going to tackle over the next few days and was important because, in the past, I've subscribed to loads of clothing websites who bombard me with their new collections at this time of year.  This winter I'd made the decision that I didn't need any more clothes apart from new underwear to replace my greying smalls (item 370).  But too late I've been lead into the dark depths of temptation by this lovely Joe Brown top.  Oh well, the deed has been done and I'm sure wearing it will give me lots of pleasure.  Now on with the task of knocking through my inbox to ensure that this type of impulse purchasing doesn't happen again.

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