Friday, 9 September 2011

No Camel Today
Yes, like the ladies in today's pictures, I am a proponenent of that esoteric craft of occupational therapy.  As such, I know that the standard British loo is 16" high,  the cost of most disability aids is often inversely proportional to their usefulness and knitting is a cure all for bed bound soldiers.  Just look at the enthusiasm on the face of the guy on the left.  The only thing stopping him shoving the needle where the sun doesn't shine is that the therapist is  pretty and a previous act of physical violence might count against him if he asks her for a date when he's up and about and the drugs have kicked in!
Here's another archive photograph, again from Wikipedia, which again encapsulates the holistic curative nature of our therapeutic tradition.  Or does it?  Perhaps they'd have all been happier and healthier if they'd each made a camel.  And what about if I 'therapise' myself and conjure up a ship of the desert from the resources in my craft room.  Will I get better any quicker if I make a life-size one like Humphrey who lives on the side of the M5 in Somerset?

But wait I've come to my senses. Against my usual instincts, I've got neither the time nor inclination to make anything at the moment.  It's just been a day of dozing, getting to grips with the Great British Bake Off on BBC i-player and coming up with the usual fantastical ideas between those ears of mine.   For today, that's sufficient and funnily enough this time of relative non-activity seems to be just the thing that's helping me get better.

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