Saturday, 10 September 2011

A Proper Diary-Like Entry

Today I should be with Louis and Red Mel at Ivylive.  I am an optimistic little bunny and retained hope up to just a couple of days ago that we might have been able to make it.   My family and friends will be relieved to hear that common sense kicked in at the final moments.  Of course, it would be preposterous to strike camp and prance about into the wee hours.  And as for those portaloos - well, they're not the type of environment that poorly lady parts should be subjected too!

So, this is a picture from last year's festival which shows Louis and a poor stag in fact 'enjoying' his last throes of freedom before being safely ensnared by a female of the species and consigned to a life of telly and slippers for ever more.  Whilst taking Tramadol, an opiod, I too have felt like I was dressed in a morph suit.  One of the side effects of this treatment is prolific sweating, or 'glowing' as it is termed for ladies.  Two days ago, I dropped this painkiller from my armoury and finally  today,  I no longer feel like I'm constantly in the shower.  Eight tablets down,  only another twenty one to go.

So what else has happened?  This is beginning to feel like one of those teenage years summer holiday diaries where nothing ever really happened.  'A boy looked at me!!!!!!!!!!' or 'I now have three spots on my nose - I would rather be dead'.  You know the sort of thing.  But hang on, things are on the up.

I drove today for the first time for a week, only three miles but it was a start.  Not my poxy, thrifty, green, ethical eco-car either but Mr Lovelygrey's 140bhp beastie.  Sorry Mother Nature, for I have sinned, but having a bit of power behind the wheel again felt so great.  Perhaps there's some hormone imbalance going on and I'm turning into Jeremy Clarkson.  Aaaaaaaargh!

Best of all, I felt less sleepy which has given me time to set up by bedroom craft studio.  I've started a braclet which I was hoping to show off in a post today but will have to wait because it's caused much swearing and cursing.  And I've removed the top  layer of skin on my lips with sellotape during its production.   Mishaps and foul language - almost definitely signs that things are slowly, surely getting back to normal.


  1. You definitely sound much perkier. I hope you keep getting better every day.

  2. Glad you are on the mend! Swearing is good.
    I have tried to comment earlier but no luck.
    Jane in Oshawa