Thursday, 15 September 2011

Raining Men

I decided to prepare a post in advance to schedule today.  After all I am an ex-Girl Guide and it does to be prepared.   It turned out that I was right to do so as I've been whisked back to hospital by Mr. Lovelygrey.  Let's hope I can be sorted out on this visit.  For inspiration, I turned to my 'Coming Soon' list.

I love this song because it's just so darn joyful and the lyrics are absolutely hilarious.  I've provided a link so you can have a good giggle reading them.  Really, it should have been one of those tracks that I featured in my  own Desert Island Discs post yonks ago.  It would get me dancing around in a DIY hula skirt and possibly a coconut shell bra.  Way hay!  But who would it replace?  I can't relinquish one of my two Leonard Cohen tracks because I love the guy so much..... 'Look at me Leonard, just one more time, ooh ooh, one more time!...... Oh sorry, I got carried away.   It's a close call but  maybe I'd have to surrender Kylie's perfect pop and replace it with this superb offering from these wonderful Big Mommas. 

As my single girlie mates know,  Devon has not had a torrential downpouring of prime examples of the male species in years, maybe never!  Take this example of a conversation that a friend had with a local farmer on a date a while back.

Devon Farmer:  You're luvverly you are, luvverly luvverly......(an hour and a half later).....luvverly!
Nameless Friend: (silent)
Devon Farmer: What do you think of me then?
Nameless Friend: (pondersome) Wellllll...... I don't really know you.
Devon Farmer: Arrr! I know what that means.  I'm off!

Occasionally though, there's a bit of a drizzly moment, nowhere near the fantastical deluge in the song.  Some nights, at about half past ten,  a couple of fairly decent specimens might be spotted in close proximity but droplets of  mind numbing gorgeousness are as rare as rocking horse droppings round here. And then they're more likely as not to be gay.

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  1. Hope the hospital gets to the root cause of the problem and you are soon feel much better! I enjoyed reading your Desert Island Discs and was pleased to finally know what some of those lyrics were!