Thursday, 29 September 2011


Hi all!  Thank's so much for all  those lovely kind wishes that I've received in my time of  what used to be quaintly termed 'convalescence.  They've meant a lot to me.  Today, I'm feeling much perkier than of late, even going so far as to muster up the energy to  notice what's happening in the rest of the house and give Louis a ticking off about the state of his room.   The male interpretation of 'spick and span' is so different to that of us ladies whatever their age.   Let's hope that this upward spiral continues and robust physical activity is resumed ASAP.  Oh, and I hope you like my fancy pants new layout which I started to botch together on Tuesday and have been tweaking ever since.  Now I've got the look that I was after, gloomy clouds with sunny yellow breaking through,  I'm now happy enough  to leave it alone!
 To balance yesterday's thrifty post I thought I'd follow on by showing you two things that I've recently spent my money on. After all you can't take it with you.  Item 1 is an extremely cute plumptious Italian coin purse that seems to be made of leather stretched over a  sturdy resin frame.  About half of  its back opens right up so you can see all your money rather than grubbing around in the depths of a usual dark and fiddley version  Like the ladies who lunch say, it was soooo gorgeous, that I had to have it!!!!  But there's a bit of a story behind its eventual tardy acquisition.

It was back in October last year that I spied this little gem in the gift shop at the Mont St Michel priced at a very reasonable twenty euros.  'That's lovely and so functional.' I thought but then the natural tight ass rose within me. 'It'll be a rip off if I buy it here!'  So, I duly memorised the name of the brand to see if I could source it cheaper online when I got home.  I think I  even used a little bit of word association to ensure that it  stuck good and proper.  But yes,  you've  probably  guessed that when I got home I couldn't for the life of me remember the name.

On our last French trip our friends came too.  In the height of August they decided to go and visit the Mont which is the second most popular tourist attraction in France.  The Lovelygrey declined their kind offer to join them, envisaging  being herded like sardines, an intentional mixed metaphor, in the narrow streets surrounding the abbey.   Our predictions were entirely correct BUT the trip was not in vain.  I put in a request to see if the purse was still available.  Behold, the retail fairy took pity to me et voila !  In the spirit of thorough research I did send an email to the gift shop asking for the manufacturer of the purse in case anyone liked it so much that they could find it online.  Sadly this did not receive a response.  So, if you want one, you'll just have to make this the lame excuse to go for a thoroughly pleasant break in Western France.

I've been waiting  on tenterhooks for the second purchase that I'm revealing  to arrive and  my items, in both black and white colourways were delivered yesterday.  Fed up with the feeling that all my lower body organs were bouncing around inside as if I'd looped the loop in a stunt plane ten times, I idly started to wonder if there was anything that would make a difference. A quick Googley search came up with a reasonably priced offering from the  Hysterectomy Association  which seemed to suggest that it would do the trick postoperatively even though I'd had a  different type of tummy surgery.  My two abdominal support bands arrived today. They're made by a company called Carriwell and are actually marketed as pregnancy wear.  Preliminary testing is indicating that they're comfy, don't ride up and are effective in relieving that jiggled about feeling. 

Now, allow me to seem as if I'm going off track! If, after a plane crash you end  up in a remote tropical forest where survival prospects are slim.  However you recall from the inner recesses of your brain that a tree you've spotted is recognisable from a TV survival show, .  This wonderful plant gives you the means by which you can lash together a canoe, light a fire and maintain dental hygiene.  And that's just the bark! The whole thing has a myriad of uses  that will help with your escape to safety.  You can even eat those little nutritious greeny-grey grubs found in the crevices of its trunk.  That's why I'm telling you about my latest buy which may seem completely irrelevant to your current circumstances.  You never know when you might use that tucked away information in the future!

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