Friday, 2 September 2011

Thought for the Day: Contemplating Navels

Now the title of this post has been on my 'Coming Soon' list for some time now and I bet everyone who saw it thought that I was going to blog about something deep and meaningful like inner calm.... or marmalade.  After all it is that time of year when I believe that a certain type of girl's fancy turns to making citrusy preserves in beautiful copper pans.  Count me out of this seasonal chore as in the toast department, I'm a marmite stawart.

But no, the subject today is the humble belly button.  Why is it that, for the majority of us, when our umblical cord falls off we are left with a depression or, as it has been named by someone with near genius powers of skill of description, an 'innie'?   I'm not sure that Wikipedia, my usual trustee source has given me a satisfactory answer in this instant although it does explain nicely the process of 'outie' formation. After all scarring doesn't usually leave an perfectly formed indention but takes on a far more abstract form.

I've also been musing on that well-known fact that if a person is missing a belly button then, discounting abdominal surgery as a reason for removal,  they must be an alien.  This is something that I didn't realise was common knowledge until I read about  the underwear model Karolina Kurkova.   Rather I thought that it was an odd idea that originated from the astonishingly fertile imagination of my brother, Paul, who has been on the hunt for a navel-less being to prove the existence of life on other planets since childhood.  There is another leading question about our extra-terrestrial friends thought that has yet to be answered.  Where on their bodies do they have a convenient anatomical storage pot for small quantities of blue-grey fluff?

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  1. How well you seem to now me - the moment I saw the title, I held back from reading and had a little think, 'What's this going to be about - belly buttons or marmalade?'...I've always wondered whether individual midwives have a 'style' of button they create? Thanks for the link - made me smile, as did your final comment!