Sunday, 18 September 2011

Thought for the Day: Peaceful Recovery

The glamour puss is back! Here I am, still in hospial, and blogging dressed in nightie, net knickers and red slipper socks to keep a cannula in my foot in place. There's been some ups and downs, probably caused by the fact that the surgeons discovered that somehow different organs in my abdomen  had tied themselves together in knotty knots, so it's taking time for everything to settle back to normal.

Okay, hardly anyone gets a good night's sleep in hospital especially if active treatment has to take place in the night. But,  comparing the two wards that I've been on during this stay, I've come up with an idea that dramatically improves  the quality of the experience of being an in-patient. Its simple, effective and free to implement!

Although the staff on the other ward that I was on were kind and skilled, the noise levels there were likened by a fellow inmate to a garage forecourt. True, there's going to be a certain decibel count that can't be avoided, especially where there are confused or distressed patients in the mix, but shouty chitchat from staff especially at 2am is entirely unnecessary. In my current bed, I'm looked after by a team that are calm and quiet and the difference in my experience is immense.  It's one to reflect on for my own practice and I hold my hands up and hang my head in shame.  Yes, at times I could accuse myself of being a noisy bugger in hospital and residential home environments but now I've seen things from the other side of the fence, I'm hoping to modify my behaviour and encourage others to do so too.


  1. glad your surgery went well, hopefully your remaining stay will be peaceful and not too long. Fortunately I haven't had to spend much time in the hospital.

  2. Do get better soon. You're amazingly cheerful and strong about it all -- admirable.

  3. Good to know that things will be in their rightful place soon. Be peaceful.