Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ugly-Wugly Eye of the Needle Jewellery Make

Right, I know a lot of the blogging fraternity, at least in this corner of the market, go all weak at the knees when the words retro or kitsch are merely hinted at so you'll probably need the incontinence knickers to hand when you gaze upon the cover of this book that I borrrowed from the library to peruse. Kitschy Crafts is a veritable feast of a load of stuff that, frankly I wouldn't give house room to, because they're just not me. Okay, so maybe the sock monkey is one of the few exceptions.  But if you like embroidering tea towels, lacy doileys, string art, tie dye and making bunches of grapes out of peach stones, you might want to give this a whirl.

I believe that this book's most important contribution to literature is that  it gives the instructions to create a poodle crocheted toilet roll cover.  What is doesn't show you how to make though is one of these crinoline dolls that graced the bathrooms of loads of the 'posh' people in Essex  when I was a child.  Although I hankered after one of our own, Mama Lovelygrey isn't the kind of girl who likes lots of fripperies in her toilet so it was not to be.  My desire to own one has now completely passed.  However,  if there are still those out there who would like to get their mitts on, what arguably is the height of 70s kitsch , a nice lady, who yes, is from Essex, has some in her Ebay store.

 Unlike the activity of turning dishcloths into pants which is also mentioned in the book, I'm not entirely sure that macrame is completely redundant.  I reckon that it could contribute something to my own jewellery designs if well executed.  I've written about it before in one of my Mini Church of Craft posts but my first attempt wasn't wholly successsful.  And I still don't think that I'm there yet.

Again, I've used instructions from the book Mod Knots to create this unfinished piece which I don't intend to complete even though it took me hours. Simple instructions, that looked as if this bracelet could be completed in an hour or so, were sabotaged by the fact that thread was an utter bar steward to get through some of the beads and I don't have a reamer to make the holes bigger. Camel, eye of the needle and all that! I also ran out of beads, cut the thread too short so there's a surreptious knot and veered from the instructions so dramatically that I haven't a clue how to create a fastener at the other end. Never mind, the thing's too ugly and clunky anyway but I like to share my failures as well as successes. It's given me an idea too for how to proceed with attempt number three at producing something wearable. However, I don't have the stamina at the moment to sit at a workbench and undertake the metalwork that I need to produce to try out my idea. So, until that time it's going to have to wait.

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  1. You win some, you lose some! I'm sure your third attempt will be all the better for the learning process you went through with this. Had a giggle at the thought of those who'd need incontinence knickers before opening that book! Hope you're continuing to feel better, day by day.