Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Vim: 1. Ebulient vitality and energy 2. A brand of cleaning products

Thanks to Nana Lovelygrey and a small bevy of female relatives I've escaped from hospital and have arrived back home. My loot includes a sackful of drugs, including three courses of antibiotics and a note advising me not to resume light housework for four weeks! This might be viewed as a result but I reckon getting the boys to take over my own chores is going to take up a large proportion of my mental energy reserves.

Climbing the stairs felt akin to achieving those mountain summits in my pre-childhood days so I reckon for a little while I've probably just swapped one bed for another.  At least this one is on my own territory.  However I'm  looking forward to sharing my successes as I get both types of Vim back over the next few weeks.

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