Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A Week: Not Just a Long Time in Politics

It's now seven days since my return home from hospital discharge after my emergency operation on my female jubblies, a phrase conceived by the Lovelygrey boys.   As such, I will never again hear the patter of tiny feet but, as an ovary was rescued  I won''t have to go through menopause early.  All good news at the tender age of forty six!  However, I've been feeling down over the last couple of days because of the sense of under achievement that being housebound, due to nausea and not being able to sit properly or stand for any length of time at all, brings.  I've even succombed to a rather self indulgent cry before pulling myself together and practising what I preach.

One of the things, as a therapist, that I ask people, who are making a slow recovery from serious illness, to do is to remember what they were like at a point in time when they were even more poorly and consider their progress.  So I've done this exercise with myself and realised that over the last week the following changes have occured:
  • I can climb up and down stairs a few times a day rather than having to psyche myself up to do it just the once.
  • I don't have to mentally rehearse performing the manoeuvre before I get in and out of bed or on and off a chair.
  • My pain has diminished substantially over the last three or four days.  What's left is mostly soreness and discomfort due to having organs that have been inevitably  jiggled about during my op.  As such I've speedily reduced the amount of painkillers that I take down from sixteen to six...
  • ...and the unpleasant side effect of profuse sweating has gone away now I'm off opiate medication.  No more observations like 'You've got a really wet nose Mummy' from Louis.
  • I can now make my own lunch.  Mind it's just toast and suchlike and certainly nothing really Masterchef-y.
  • I'm getting up earlier, going to bed later and sleeping less during the day.
  • The wisps of a routine beyond that taking of medication are slowly returning.
  • I'm doing teeny tiny things for the boys rather than them having to do everything for me.
  • I'm much better at gauging how much I can do so I don't over exert myself one day and then suffer setbacks the next.  The pace is slow but I haven't stopped altogether.
So, after all that's really not too bad and things are definitely moving in the right direction. Let's give this exercise another go a wee bit in the future and see how far I've progressed.


    1. I am glad to see you are making steady progress in your recovery. Hang in there!
      I also really like the new look of your blog.
      Best wishes and all the best from Canada.