Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cardie Going Cheep!

A couple of years ago I became obsessed with cashmere because of its fluffiness and warmth.  However my terrible laundering skills didn't do justice to this luxury fabric. My mammoth clothing clearout the other day revealed a distinct lack of warm winter cardies that hadn't been shrunk to a size that a new born baby would struggle to squeeze into.  Although my taste  is much less hippy chic than hers, I was inspired by  a recent post by Vintage Vixen,  to revisit my student days and look again  at what's available on the secondhand market to meet the shortfall in my winter wardrobe.   So moving away from  fast fashion and a reliance on clothing that's disposed of within a short time frame,  I'm pleased to say that this beautifully crafted knit, courtesy of Ebay, will be winging its way to Lovelygrey Villas shortly.

This lovely 100% wool garment, which looks like it was made anywhere between the 1950s and the '80s,  originally came from Austria and is hand embroidered with an intricate garden scene on its front border and back replete with baby birds!   Because of the black background it'll go with many of the items that are already in my wardrobe.  I can see it jazzing up jeans and a plain T-shirt or, because I'm not in a job where business suits are standard fare, it could perk up the long and short skirts that I wear during my working day.  The only thing that's may be a bit iffy is the green cord tie but that can easily be replaced with a different fastening if needs be. I'll just have to wait to try it on to make a decision about whether tassels reflect the real me!

I'm really thrilled that, as is the case with the clothes that Mama Lovelygrey makes for me,  I'm one hundred percent certain that I'll never bump into someone wearing the same.  And what I'm paying for such exclusivity and quality isn't too much different than that charged for knitwear in the cheaper chains on the high street.


  1. Cor !!! I've only ever bought a Sari on Ebay for an Indian evening. It said large but the little crop top was petite ! Hubby buys boat bits all the time. The postie is always delivering weird wrapped objects for me to sign for.

    Enjoy your cardi !

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous, something that'll go with everything and be admired for years. I love the tassels! x

  3. Will sit on the fence about the tassels. I'm the kind of girl who needs buttons. Dangly things always end up in my tea!

  4. That reminds me of the things I used to design and knit in the 80s. I hope you won't be trying to make those tassels rotate!