Friday, 14 October 2011

Druggy Dreams

Head by Salvatore Vuono
Even though I occasionally stray off the path of virtue, risking  life and limb and vast swathes of personal wealth(!), I like to try and use copyright free photos to illustrate this blog when I haven't got a snap of my own that does the ticket. Both Microsoft Clipart and Wikipedia have been great resources but I'm giving my newly discovered source of today's pictures an extra special mention.  I thought that other bloggers out there who hadn't been there before might like to pay  a visit.  It has a brilliant collection of downloadable images, many of which are a little bit unusual. They can be used for all sorts of other purposes to, including commercial literature. Just add a link in your own work acknowledging the artist who produced the work and Bob's your uncle!

Back on track to my topic of dreams.  The ones that I remember used to be few and far between, relatively disturbing and normally would have attracted an 18 rating if committed to a digital format.  Below is a paraphrased conversation that I had the day after one of these.  To protect the innocent all names had been changed, apart from mine of course, even though I'm as pure as the driven snow too!

LG:  I had a really strange dream last night.
Ms. X:  Oooh!  Was it a dirty one?
LG: 'Fraid so and Mr Y was in it.
Ms X: Eugh! You didn't have sex with him!
LG: No but you did!

Happy Pills by Posterize
Before the medics found a physical cause for the lethargy that was the lead up to my current extended bout of sick leave, my GP reasonably thought that a recurrence of depression was the cause.  So, he changed my medication from the cheap as chips Citalopram to the more costly Venlaflaxine.  Now mood wise I've noticed no difference whatsoever.  However, my nocturnal landscape has changed.  It's better than multiple trips to 3D cinemas.  I now dream vividly, a consequence of taking this medication that is common and well known.  Some of the medical blogs advocate treating this as a side effect and prescribing further.  All very well if someone is having persistent nightmares but for me, my nightly shows are a fascinating source of  technicolor entertainment and worth every extra  penny of the surgery's drug bill.

So for example in the last three nights,  I've watched  a gripping tale of my efforts to reclaim a piece of jewellery that I'd donated to a charity sale when I found out it was valuable.  Louis and I starred in our own travel documentary in Amsterdam, a city that we haven't yet visited in reality.   After climbing loads of rickety  ladders that joined together dark cobbled streets we arrived at a luxury day spa and  avoided the exhorbitent admission charges by sneaking in a back way. The most  bizarre was an action adventure type of 'movie' where a squadron of Japanese fighter bombers invaded Exeter, left the majority of the population and buildings unharmed but invaded the prison where they committed mass genocide.

So...if there are any Jungian analysts out there among you who can provide serious accurate insight about what particular parts of my subconscious are being brought to the surface I'd be interested to know.  Anyone else is welcome to come up with their own imaginative ideas about what my dreams might reveal - the more outlandish the better!


  1. Ooh fun dreams! Are they lucid too? They're the most fun ;)

    Two other free photo resources I'd recommend: (weird address but a free stock photo site - you need to register to get the full size pics but it's legit, no spam. Some photos need a credit but most don't) and the creative commons area on Flickr - (all free to use with a credit/attribution, although some have restrictions for commercial us.)

    It really bugs me when bloggers break copyright and use watermarked grabbed-off-Google-image-search pictures when there are so many freely available pictures to use out there!

  2. Thanks for these extra freebie resources - will be using in the future!