Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Forgotten Clutter

Now my va va voom is slowly coming back I'd like to be spending more of the time when I'm not resting doing pleasurable things like crafting, writing and exploring the outdoors.  But alas!  My inner housewife has got other plans.  I've a home that's just had cursory cleaning for a good few months since I started to get unwell and that pesky little fusspot inside my head isn't going to let me rest until things are straight.

Yesterday I turned my attention to our main bedroom.  I took four bin bags of stuff down to the car to give to the charity shop and  summer clothes that I'd sorted over a week ago were at last shrunk into their  vacuum pack bags.  Whilst popping these onto the top shelf of the wardrobe my attention turned to the plastic storage bin where we keep medication, cosmetics and toiletries and decided that sorting out our lotions and potions was long overdue.

And by that I mean way over!  Some of the stuff in there had expiry dates going back as far as 2003.  There were tubes without lids, sticky bottles and quite a number of duplicate purchases.  There was enough suntan lotion to slather up a school full of pale skinned kids. What's more this isn't the only place in Lovelygrey Villas where this stuff is stored.  There's a heaving bathroom cabinet in the ensuite and more on the main bathroom shelves including two different types of nit lotion that was last needed about three years ago!

This normally thrifty chick sees definite room for improvement here.  Perhaps with medication some waste is inevitable.  After all once better you're not going to keep taking tablets just to use them up.  All those unnecessary purchases of stuff that we already had though, is something that I'm super keen to avoid in the future.  So after throwing away a large carrier bag full of outdated stuff and given the box a good scrub to remove the gunky deposits stuck to its innards I've come up with a new system.  Recognising that multiple storage sites around the home was part of the problem, the box is the only place that this stuff is now kept.  The only exceptions are things that we use on a daily basis which have now been returned to a very sparse bathroom cabinet.  It'll now be much easier to keep a check on what we already have before heading out to the chemist.  And by scheduling into my diary a regular clean and clearout of the box every three months so that things that are really no longer needed can be thrown out in a timely manner and don't create clutter in which things that are still useful can be easily buried and lost.


  1. I did the very same recently ! I'm going to tackle our very dusty bedroom soon too. I had a huge burst of energy last week & am paying for it this week. Little by little I hope to get on top of things.
    Thanks for your comment. It's good look at the things we like about ourselves sometimes !

  2. I could have written this myself - except that I haven't done the clear-out yet! I think the pharmaceutical companies create tubes that explode after a set amount of time, as there is always something oozing and sticky in the depths of the bathroom cabinet! I agree that the multiple storage places are a problem, and one day soon I am going to follow your example!

  3. Although a domestic slattern I feel much better after a de clutter and general sort out!