Monday, 24 October 2011

French Heinz

Morning folks - rather optimistically I'd hoped that the climate in Southern Brittany would be akin to the Meditteranean all week but it's wet and blowing a hoolie today. Best to plan an indoor activity and I've got something in mind that will make an eight year old happy as Larry.  By the way, does anyone know who Larry is?

After our second visit to the supermarket , the remainder of yesterday was spent chilling in the apartment and swimming in the invigoratingly cold pool.  Louis has befriended some French kids and played with them for most of the day and I've been doing pretty much nothing but relaxing.   As I don't want food preparation to hinder inactivity or to spend a fortune on eating out,  I'm keeping meals simple.  At home I spurn ready made tinned and chilled soups in favour of the homemade stuff but here in France, the bottles of soupe de poisson are a special treat.

In England when we  think of food processing companies using the whole of an animal our minds immediately turns to sausages or burgers made out of unmentionable sinewy parts of animals.  This Breton soup is similarly made out of  less marketable bits and pieces that are by-products of the fishing industry but its a superb product which is a large scale example of how leftovers may be used to good effect.  The ingredient list on the bottle shows that the fish used varies according to what is in the catch at the time that the batch is made.  The stock is made from vegetables, herbs and spices and the heads and shells of langoustines.  Served with croutons, 'grated' cheese (see my post re: lack of kitchen equipment here) and rouille, a type of garlicky paste, it knocks the socks of a tin of Heinz tomato as my small fish loving companion agreed!

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  1. sounds wonderful & the glass of chilled vino a perfect addition !