Sunday, 23 October 2011

Losing Cherries.

After eighteen months or so, yesterday I finally fell silent and  broke my resolution to publish something on my blog every day.  Although I'm self admonishing myself a little this is being countered with the thought that 590 or so consecutive posts isn't bad going.  And, as a further salve to my conscience I'll roll out two today!

So, the reason behind my omission?.  Well, I had every intention of rustling up a late offering yesterday evening but, thanks to a really busy day and a glass or two of a very nice chilled white Saumur I fell asleep before I could write.  Madness has struck.  Instead of staying at home with Louis for half term I thought that a trip to France would be more relaxing and positively aid my convalescence.  The rationale was that, after I'd got the day of travelling, shopping and unloading the car out of the way,  I'd be free to focus on building up my stamina doing nice things like cycling, walking and sightseeing without having to concentrate on my seemingly never ending task of getting the house into shape after four months of relative neglect.
You can tell that you're by the sea in Brittany if you go into the  church and find objects that allude to maritime tradition. Here in Benodet there are lovely model craft hanging from the stone arches.  We've hired a holiday  apartment here which in typical French style is equipped with a pressure cooker and an oyster knife but has no cheese grater or cereal bowls!  Still it's clean, warm and comfortable and there's a pool on site.

What act has caused me to lose my cherry, so to speak?  Well, my chauffeur, Mr Lovelygrey, is not with us as he had to work.  So, yesterday was the first time that I've driven in a country where it's compulsory to travel on the right hand side of the road. And I've found that if you keep your wits about you, it's not the big deal that I made it out to be.  I may even pluck up the courage to bring the motorhome next time.  Louis also had an important initiation of a retail kind,  his first ever visit to Ikea!  That's the reason why he's pictured  in a 'spy chair' planning the layout of his ideal Swedish home!

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