Friday, 21 October 2011

Nearly Nornal

Each term, Louis' school has a theme which guides his learning.  This time around it's ancient Egypt. A mind buzzing with information about pharaohs, hieroglyphs and pyramids might have been the reason for a strange request from my son shortly after I was discharged from hospital. 'Mummy, if you die, can I turn you into a mummy?'  My answer was a resounding no on two counts.  I have no intention of ascending to the ranks of dearly departed anytime shortly and, unlike a former local taxi driver Allan Billis, didn't  fancy having my body preserved for posterity.

Yesterday was quite a momentous occasion on my road to recovery. For the first time in four months my activity levels were nearly normal.  Okay, I rose later than my usual 6am start and needed a rest after lunch but other than that, I was  back to my normal busy self.  After dressing Louis in the costume and bling I'd rustled up for his theme day, I walked him to school down the lane ignoring his protestation about not wanting to be seen in a skirt.  I stuck around to hear the brilliant  Steve Manning, a professional storyteller impersonate Howard Carter recounting his discovery of 'Toots' tomb before dashing off to Newton Abbot to meet a friend for coffee and a bit of shopping.  Then home for  a cup of tea and a lunchtime bagel followed by my lie down and a bit of a tidy up.  After picking Louis up from school we whizzed around in the car doing errands and then back to school for the end of term disco where I set up and manned the snack stall for two and a half hours!

I wouldn't have thought anything of doing all this when I was fit and healthy but currently it's given me a real sense of achievement.  Most of all, I'm enjoying being fully involved as a mum again.  Now, it's a question of building up the momentum so I can sustain busy-ness on a daily basis in preparation for a long awaited return to work in just under four weeks time!


  1. Superb costume ! I used to love making them up for my two. At least, working at the Charity shop now I get to look for bits & bobs for mums of primary school aged children looking for inspiration... we did Egyptian sand dancers recently !

    You sound very happy that you are able to help out again. I would have stayed for the story teller too !

  2. You did well with the dressing up, Louis looks very good.

    You must feel very relieved that you are on the road to recover. I wish you well.

  3. Nice costume. I loved learning about Ancient Egypt at school.