Sunday, 30 October 2011

Object of Lust I Spurn Thee!

My heartfelt admiration goes out to the  frugalistas out there who spend just a pittance on clothing and still look fab.  My own budget for clothes remains relatively immodest and I'll admit that I do like to ring the changes.   However since limiting myself almost exclusively to planned six monthly wardrobe updates, coercing  Mama Lovelygrey into making 'rip offs' of  the high street clothing that I used to buy and upping the number of good quality secondhand purchases from Ebay  I've shaved my expenditure substantially.  With this considered approach  I'm finding that I fall in love with garments. Hence I want them to stick around longer and I don't feel the desire for so many replacements.    I'm aiming for a time very soon when each wardrobe overhaul comes in sub £100 inclusive of shoes and underwear and a few designer bits and bobs to boot.

Outside my bi-annual binges I try to keep out of temptation's way and have deleted all those notifications for sales that I used to get by email.  I don't wander around clothes stores either or trawl the charity shop racks.  Sadly, though I like the concept of buying secondhand on impulse,  all bar one or two of the things that I've purchased this way in the past don't represent good value because I worn them so infrequently.  But I can't stop those pesky pop up ads that try to seduce me into buying things that I wouldn't have known about without their presence every time I log onto to the Internet.  It's because of them I'm in lust with this entirely impractical sweater from All Saints and someone out there in the ether knows that I love.  All that's keeping me from freezing my shoulders off this winter is that it costs a cool £150, which is not substantially different to this autumn's total spend!  Now, I'm not a knitter myself, something to do with not being able to maintain regular tension, but surely with a pair of scissors, a needle and thread and perhaps a packet of dye, I could make some nifty alterations to an Ebay cable knit if I'm still in lust during next year's splurge?

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