Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Recreating Christmas from Our Childhood Past!

It's nearing Christmas and for those with kids on their present list, thoughts often turn to that wholesome golden oldie that happens to be excruciatingly painful if you tread on a piece. Yes you've guessed  -  it's Lego!  I've written about how this toy has changed over the years before .  In our day it seemed to be marketed as much more of a vehicle for imaginative play whereas nowadays kits to build specific items  are sold.  In my last post on the subject I had the idea of doing a brick audit and then reselling complete sets that had already been made on Ebay.  Who was I trying to kid?  That's far too much of a faff.  However I have discovered the 3 in 1 sets where a trio of creations can be made from the same pieces which are good value.  This glorious T-Rex can be transformed into a gruesome deep sea fish or a a crocodile.

This week's post brought a surprise arrived for Louis from Mama and Papa Lovelygrey.  It's so brilliant that I thought it was worth sharing to provide inspiration for those stuck for an idea of what to buy primary school age children, who these days seem to have everything.  It will inspire them to unleash their creative spirit and return to the 'good old' days when that box of assorted bricks could make them any toy that they wished for.   There's even ideas on how to make storage items such as a display rack for little Lego people and desk tidies.  Of course Amazon will happily sell you this book below the recommended retail value.  But  if you spend over £25 in total and qualify for free postage, the Book People currently stock this book at the best bargain price of  £4.99.  Just click on the link for as long at it lasts!


  1. I loved Lego when I was young and tried to inspire the love in my daughter, but to no real level of success! She does, however, have a fab Lego Technic kit which can be used to create all sorts - our joint favourite being the monkey that swings arm over arm down a zip wire! That book looks great.

  2. Wow! - will have to investigate the monkey for Louis' next birthday! x

  3. I loved Lego, and I still have a box that my Mum and Dad bought for my younger sister in the 70s. It's a huge wooden box containing all kinds of bricks,track, trees and flags. I suppose it might be quite valuable now , but I can't bear to part with it.