Wednesday, 26 October 2011

'S Inuit Innit?

How do you recycle that spare moose skull that you've got hanging around?  Well,  I've returned to the photos taken on our  visit to Oceanopolis at Brest to show you.  This beautiful piece of art, carved inside and out by Lukie Airut  that is replete with people and animals from the cold North has opened my eyes to the wonders of Inuit art.  And there was more stuff displayed in  the faux (but nicely done) icy nooks and crannies as we entered the attraction's Polar Zone that caused my inner Essex Girl arty being to sing with joy.  Hence today's title.

This was another piece that I loved which again alludes to the culture of people who live a very different life from my own.   The animal loving English would be drilling a hole in the ice just to say hello to the cute seal living below.  Somehow I think that this chap has other plans!  Sadly I was a bit negligent and didn't record the talented artist's name but it could be by Noah Kelly, who sounds more Irish than Inuit or the more authentic sounding Peter Iqaluq.  I think that this is carved from green serpentine, that my extensive research has shown can be  found all over the world, including Cornwall and Quebec.  I must head down to my neighbouring country to see if I can forage a piece once the stone supply in my back garden has depleted.

In order to demonstrate how crap my cataloging skills can be, here's another wonderfully intricate carving that I caught my eye during our visit.  Sadly, I've no idea who created it or even, to within many thousands of miles, where this accomplished artist was from.  All I know is it's definitely not from the chilly top of the Northern Hemisphere this time.  If my memory serves me in any capacity at all, I believe that I spied it in the Tropical Zone where my lovely shark friends were housed.  If any of them had a tooth missing perhaps I've located it.   Again it's another example of how animal parts that can't be eaten, woven or made into glue can be recycled to good effect to make something that looks like an innovative cross between Caspar the Friendly Ghost and the Michelin Man!


  1. Really love the green serpentine carving. Did you watch Arctic with Bruce Parry earlier this year?Fascinating stuff.

  2. I love Bruce Parry's programmes and the man himself has been subject of discussion between me and my friend Scary Secretary. We're in two minds as to whether he's hot or odd. Another girl I know went on an expedition which he lead. How cool is that! x

  3. We are big fans of his too- absolutely loved Tribe, and love rewatching them.I understand your dilemma about 'hot' or 'odd'. He's one of those men where I can't make my mind up - Gavin Henson is another. KL will be very envious when I tell her you know someone who went on an expedition with him!